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The Party Never Ends

Primo and I went to “The Party Never Ends” on August 15th to celebrate the life of Keith Jackson.  Keith invited all his friends and family t0 Phil Lesh’s restaurant and dance hall at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael.  Here is the poster that lists the names of the musicians that played:

Keith’s friend painted these pictures of Keith:

There were over 30 great musicians that played at the concert honoring Keith Jackson at his living wake.  Keith has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The Living Wake band played Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and some original music.  It was an  amazing show.  Keith gave Primo and I a big hug.  I talked with some folks I use to work with at Berkeley Lab.

Keith Jackson and Jimmie Brighton singing together:


The party never ends photo 1
Brian Tierney playing drums:

Some of the living wake band:

Video’s I took of the living wake band: – “Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad” song made famous by the Grateful Dead – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” song written by Bob Dylan

Jerry Day

Primo and I had a great time dancing and taking videos at Jerry Day.


I bought Primo this flower headband there.  The girl in the background thought he was beautiful.  She was from Oregon.

Primo flower headband
We saw our friend Dan there.  He just got back from the Rainbow Gathering in Montana.  We’ve been friends since 2000.  I meet him at the Haight Street fair.  He has been living a vans or RVs since I meet him.  He goes to all the festivals we do.  We’ve hung out at Burning Man a few times too.

Dan and I at Jerry Day
I took several videos of the bands.  I uploaded them to Vimeo:


Ten Years with Primo


Me and Primo in Kensington 2004.
Primo and I meet each other 10 years ago today. We meet in front of the stage at the Reggae on the River Festival. We danced together and then he asked me if I wanted to have a massage. I said yes and we went to his tent. After the massage he kissed me. We spent the rest of the weekend together dancing and skinny dipping in the Eel River.

I was in the process of getting divorced from Jeff when we meet. Primo was painting his friends houses in Salmon Creek. When he finished painting he stayed with me in Mill Valley for a couple weeks and then he went back to Mexico for six months.

I visited him in Sayulita Mexico that January. He came to live with me in June 2004 in Kensington. We got married January 1, 2005 and went back to Mexico for our honeymoon in April 2005.

I love Primo with all my heart. He is a kind and loving person. We have similar life styles and interests. We are both vegans, we do not drink alcohol and we love to dance, go to music festivals, hike, and going to the beach. I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together and into eternity.

Primo and I 2004