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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Mark’s house.   Here are Jennifer’s photos:

Brian-GloriaMy son Brian and my 86 year old mother Gloria.

Brian-MiloBrian and my grandson Milo.

Gloria-KumaMy mom Gloria and Brian’s dog Kuma.

Gloria-MiloGloria and Milo

JakeJanet’s dog Jake

Jen-Milo-Liam1My daughter Jennifer and her son’s Milo and Liam.

Liam-BrianLiam and Brian

Liam-Jen-MiloJennifer, Milo and Liam

Liam1Liam with his favorite monkey.

Marcy-Brian-Liam-GloriaMarcy, Brian, Liam and Gloria

Marcy-JanetMarcy and Janet.

Marcy-Jen-Brian-Milo-LiamMarcy, Jennifer, Brian, Milo and Liam

MiloMilo loves to eat.

Milo2Milo loves to climb on things.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

On our last day in Cancun we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres.  We walked to Playa Norte and went swimming.  There are no waves at Playa Norte and the water is clear, a great place to go snorkeling.  Afterwards, we went shopping for souvenirs.  The island is very beautiful.  I would love to spend a few days there.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02640 DSC02644 DSC02645 DSC02647 DSC02648 DSC02649 DSC02653 DSC02656 DSC02657 DSC02659 DSC02660 DSC02661 DSC06337 DSC06338 DSC06339 DSC06340 DSC06341 DSC06342 DSC06345 DSC06346 DSC06347 DSC06348 DSC06349 DSC06350 DSC06351 DSC06352 DSC06353 DSC06355 DSC06356 DSC06357 DSC06359

Cancun, Mexico

We went to Cancun for two nights on November 20 – 21 and stayed at the Royal Mayan Hotel.  There was a view of the ocean from our room.  Every morning I got up before sunrise and went to the beach to take photos of the sunrise.  We explored Cancun on city buses instead of paying for a taxi.  We also walked around hotel zone one day after we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres.   The beaches and the hotels are very beautiful.  Lots of expensive malls near the hotels.  I got to see two crocodiles fighting in the lagoon while we were eating our dinner.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC06375 DSC06374 DSC06373 DSC06372 DSC06369 DSC06366 DSC06365 DSC06364 DSC06362 DSC06361 DSC06336 DSC06335 DSC06334 DSC06333 DSC06332 DSC06331 DSC06329 DSC06328 DSC06323 DSC06320 DSC06318 DSC06317 DSC02698 DSC02696 DSC02694 DSC02692 DSC02690 DSC02689 DSC02688 DSC02687 DSC02683 DSC02682 DSC02681 DSC02680 DSC02679 DSC02678 DSC02677 DSC02676 DSC02675 DSC02674 DSC02673 DSC02672 DSC02669 DSC02668 DSC02666 DSC02664 DSC02663

Coba Mayan Ruins, Mexico

On our last day in Tulum we took a bus to Coba Mayan Ruins that is located in the middle of the jungle.  There are at least 6500 ruins there.  They have only uncovered a few.  There is a lagoon that has crocodiles.  I got to see an armadillo.  Part of the city of Coba was flooded where you buy your ticket to enter the ruins.  Here are my photos:
DSC02559 DSC02560 DSC02561 DSC02562 DSC02563 DSC02564 DSC02565 DSC02566 DSC02567 DSC02568 DSC02569 DSC02570 DSC02571 DSC02572 DSC02573 DSC02574 DSC02575 DSC02576 DSC02577 DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02581 DSC02584 DSC02587 DSC02588 DSC02589 DSC02590 DSC02592 DSC02593 DSC02595 DSC02596 DSC02598 DSC02600 DSC02602 DSC02603 DSC02604 DSC02607 DSC02609 DSC02611 DSC02612 DSC02613

Tulum, Mexico

On November 16 – 19, Primo and I went to Tulum and stayed at Maison Tulum Hotel.  It was raining very hard when we got there so we talked with Primo’s grand niece Marcella all afternoon.  Marcella runs the restaurant and bakery.  She made us some delicious food and juices.  The hotel is very beautiful and it is located two blocks from downtown Tulum.  We spent a couple days at the beach with Marcella and Sliman before we went to the Tulum ruins.  Here are some of my photos:DSC02519 DSC02520 DSC02521 DSC02527 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02531 DSC02532 DSC02533 DSC02535 DSC02537 DSC02538 DSC02539 DSC02540 DSC02541 DSC02542 DSC02543 DSC02548 DSC02550 DSC02551 DSC02552 DSC02553 DSC02554 DSC02639 DSC06234 DSC06235 DSC06236 DSC06237 DSC06238 DSC06239 DSC06240 DSC06241 DSC06242 DSC06243 DSC06245 DSC06246 DSC06247 DSC06248 DSC06251 DSC06254 DSC06255 DSC06257 DSC06258 DSC06260 DSC06261 DSC06263 DSC06264 DSC06267 DSC06269 DSC06270 DSC06271 DSC06272 DSC06273 DSC06274 DSC06275 DSC06276 DSC06277 DSC06279 DSC06280 DSC06281 DSC06282 DSC06285 DSC06287 DSC06288 DSC06289 DSC06291 DSC06292 DSC06293 DSC06294 DSC06296 DSC06297 DSC06298 DSC06299 DSC06300 DSC06302 DSC06304 DSC06305 DSC06306 DSC06308 DSC06309 DSC06311 DSC06312 DSC06313 DSC06316

IK-kil Cenote and Gran Cenote

We went to IK-kil Cenote after our tour of Chichen Itza on November, 14th.  We went to Gran Cenote after we explored the ruins in Coba on November, 19th.  The water in the cenote (underground river) is very cold so we didn’t stay in the water very long.  It was refreshing after a long hot day of touring the Mayan ruins.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02494 DSC02495 DSC02496 DSC02497 DSC02498 DSC02500 DSC02501 DSC02503 DSC02504 DSC02505 DSC02506 DSC02507 DSC02508 DSC02509 DSC02510 DSC02511 DSC02513 DSC02614 DSC02615 DSC02617 DSC02618 DSC02619 DSC02620 DSC02622 DSC02623 DSC02626 DSC02627 DSC02628 DSC02629 DSC02630 DSC02631 DSC02632 DSC02634 DSC02635 DSC02636 DSC02638

Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Mexico

On November 12, Primo and I took a tour bus to Chichen Itza from Playa Del Carmen.  We explored the Mayan ruins for 3 hours and then had a buffet lunch and went to IK-kil cenote for a swim before heading back to our hotel.  Our tour guide spoke Spanish so I didn’t understand what she was saying so I went off on my own and took these photos:
DSC06227 DSC06229 DSC06226 DSC06225 DSC06224 DSC06223 DSC06221 DSC06219 DSC06218 DSC06217 DSC06215 DSC06214 DSC06213 DSC06212 DSC06210 DSC06209 DSC06208 DSC06206 DSC06205 DSC06204 DSC06203 DSC06202 DSC06201 DSC06200 DSC06199 DSC06198 DSC06197 DSC06196 DSC06195 DSC06194 DSC06193 DSC06192 DSC06190 DSC06189 DSC06187 DSC06186 DSC06185 DSC06182 DSC06181 DSC06180 DSC06179 DSC06177 DSC06174

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

On November 12 – 14th, we went to Play Del Carmen.  We flew from Guadalajara to Cancun and took a bus.  We stayed at Magic Blue hotel two blocks from the ocean.  Across the street was Coco Bongo a popular night club.  Down the street were lots of new restaurants and gift stores.  On 5th street they do not allow cars so people walk around there all night going to different clubs.  It’s a big party town with lots of young European tourists.  There is a ferry that goes to Cozumel island where people go snorkling on the reef.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02475 DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02478 DSC02479 DSC02480 DSC02481 DSC02482 DSC02483 DSC02484 DSC02485 DSC02486 DSC02487 DSC02489 DSC02490 DSC02491 DSC02492 DSC02493 DSC02514 DSC02515 DSC02517 DSC02518 DSC06173

Jocotepec, Mexico


On November 10 and 11, Primo and I went to Jocotepec and stayed with our friends Chava and Citlali.  They have really adorable dog, cat, iguana and bird.  They took us to a beautiful park next to Lake Chapala and they feed us some delicious food and juices.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02445 DSC02446 DSC02449 DSC02450 DSC02452 DSC02454 DSC02455 DSC02457 DSC02458 DSC02459 DSC02460 DSC02465 DSC02467 DSC02468 DSC06160 DSC06161 DSC06162 DSC06163 DSC06164 DSC06167 DSC06169 DSC06171

Sayulita, Mexico

On November 2 – 9th, Primo and I went to Sayulita, Mexico and stayed at our friends house on a hill a couple blocks from the ocean.  Primo’s nephew German and his girlfriend stayed there on the 1st weekend.  Our friends Chava, Citlali, Gill and Sessie stayed there on the 2nd weekend.  It was really hot and humid.  We got to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.  We got to release hundreds of baby sea turtles to the ocean after they hatched from the eggs.  Our friends have a sea turtle rescue spot on the beach in front of their beach house.  They also have a bar on the beach and one in town.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02323DSC02325DSC06128DSC06130DSC06117 DSC06118 DSC06119 DSC06120 DSC06121 DSC06124 DSC06125DSC02343 DSC02345 DSC02346 DSC02349DSC06110 DSC06111 DSC06113 DSC06114 DSC06115DSC06094 DSC06095DSC06089 DSC06090 DSC06091 DSC06092 DSC06093 DSC06096 DSC06107 DSC02335 DSC02336DSC02413 DSC02414 DSC02415 DSC02416 DSC02417