Monthly Archives: October 2013


On September 23, Primo and I went camping at Tuolume Meadows in Yosemite National Park.  It was warm and sunny during the day but freezing at night.  We were warm in our new sleeping bags that are rated at 20 degrees.

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Daniele and Jeremy’s Wedding

On September 21, my son Brian, Primo and I went to Daniele and Jeremy’s wedding at the First Light Farm in Petaluma.  Brian has been friends with Daniele since they were in college at Humboldt State University.   Here are some of my photos:

Lila Downs Concert

On September 15, Primo and I went to see our favorite latin singer Lila Downs at Yerba Buena Gardens.   I bought 4 copies of her new Pecados y Milagros DVD/CD to give away as presents.
DSC05509DSC05521DSC05523From behind the stage the entire park was full of her fans.
DSC05531 DSC05533
Primo took this photo of me.
Primo dancing.