Sayulita, Mexico

On November 2 – 9th, Primo and I went to Sayulita, Mexico and stayed at our friends house on a hill a couple blocks from the ocean.  Primo’s nephew German and his girlfriend stayed there on the 1st weekend.  Our friends Chava, Citlali, Gill and Sessie stayed there on the 2nd weekend.  It was really hot and humid.  We got to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.  We got to release hundreds of baby sea turtles to the ocean after they hatched from the eggs.  Our friends have a sea turtle rescue spot on the beach in front of their beach house.  They also have a bar on the beach and one in town.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02323DSC02325DSC06128DSC06130DSC06117 DSC06118 DSC06119 DSC06120 DSC06121 DSC06124 DSC06125DSC02343 DSC02345 DSC02346 DSC02349DSC06110 DSC06111 DSC06113 DSC06114 DSC06115DSC06094 DSC06095DSC06089 DSC06090 DSC06091 DSC06092 DSC06093 DSC06096 DSC06107 DSC02335 DSC02336DSC02413 DSC02414 DSC02415 DSC02416 DSC02417

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