Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

On November 12 – 14th, we went to Play Del Carmen.  We flew from Guadalajara to Cancun and took a bus.  We stayed at Magic Blue hotel two blocks from the ocean.  Across the street was Coco Bongo a popular night club.  Down the street were lots of new restaurants and gift stores.  On 5th street they do not allow cars so people walk around there all night going to different clubs.  It’s a big party town with lots of young European tourists.  There is a ferry that goes to Cozumel island where people go snorkling on the reef.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02475 DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02478 DSC02479 DSC02480 DSC02481 DSC02482 DSC02483 DSC02484 DSC02485 DSC02486 DSC02487 DSC02489 DSC02490 DSC02491 DSC02492 DSC02493 DSC02514 DSC02515 DSC02517 DSC02518 DSC06173

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