IK-kil Cenote and Gran Cenote

We went to IK-kil Cenote after our tour of Chichen Itza on November, 14th.  We went to Gran Cenote after we explored the ruins in Coba on November, 19th.  The water in the cenote (underground river) is very cold so we didn’t stay in the water very long.  It was refreshing after a long hot day of touring the Mayan ruins.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC02494 DSC02495 DSC02496 DSC02497 DSC02498 DSC02500 DSC02501 DSC02503 DSC02504 DSC02505 DSC02506 DSC02507 DSC02508 DSC02509 DSC02510 DSC02511 DSC02513 DSC02614 DSC02615 DSC02617 DSC02618 DSC02619 DSC02620 DSC02622 DSC02623 DSC02626 DSC02627 DSC02628 DSC02629 DSC02630 DSC02631 DSC02632 DSC02634 DSC02635 DSC02636 DSC02638

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