Cancun, Mexico

We went to Cancun for two nights on November 20 – 21 and stayed at the Royal Mayan Hotel.  There was a view of the ocean from our room.  Every morning I got up before sunrise and went to the beach to take photos of the sunrise.  We explored Cancun on city buses instead of paying for a taxi.  We also walked around hotel zone one day after we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres.   The beaches and the hotels are very beautiful.  Lots of expensive malls near the hotels.  I got to see two crocodiles fighting in the lagoon while we were eating our dinner.  Here are some of my photos:
DSC06375 DSC06374 DSC06373 DSC06372 DSC06369 DSC06366 DSC06365 DSC06364 DSC06362 DSC06361 DSC06336 DSC06335 DSC06334 DSC06333 DSC06332 DSC06331 DSC06329 DSC06328 DSC06323 DSC06320 DSC06318 DSC06317 DSC02698 DSC02696 DSC02694 DSC02692 DSC02690 DSC02689 DSC02688 DSC02687 DSC02683 DSC02682 DSC02681 DSC02680 DSC02679 DSC02678 DSC02677 DSC02676 DSC02675 DSC02674 DSC02673 DSC02672 DSC02669 DSC02668 DSC02666 DSC02664 DSC02663

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