Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Mark’s house.   Here are Jennifer’s photos:

Brian-GloriaMy son Brian and my 86 year old mother Gloria.

Brian-MiloBrian and my grandson Milo.

Gloria-KumaMy mom Gloria and Brian’s dog Kuma.

Gloria-MiloGloria and Milo

JakeJanet’s dog Jake

Jen-Milo-Liam1My daughter Jennifer and her son’s Milo and Liam.

Liam-BrianLiam and Brian

Liam-Jen-MiloJennifer, Milo and Liam

Liam1Liam with his favorite monkey.

Marcy-Brian-Liam-GloriaMarcy, Brian, Liam and Gloria

Marcy-JanetMarcy and Janet.

Marcy-Jen-Brian-Milo-LiamMarcy, Jennifer, Brian, Milo and Liam

MiloMilo loves to eat.

Milo2Milo loves to climb on things.

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